The bubble jersey by Martin Storey

It is called wilderness, and chose yellow for the wild. At first I had big trouble with the jersey, the bubble stitch was hard and could not put my head around it. This was until I read the blog by Dayana in which she explained how to get the bubble right using a circular needle. This really helped me to unlock the wilderness of the jersey as well as my smile:)! I chose to make the bubble in reverse like explained in Dayana blogs. The bubble are more prominent. It looks more wild if you want! image

I used fibre natural LIMA color 42007 it is 100% wool and it is made in Turkey. It took a wee while to finish the jersey as it is a lot off knitting to make the bubbles. I think that I used  5 skeins of 100 g for the smaller size. The jersey is quite heavy and very warm. I love love it and I wore for the first time yesterday (see last picture and more pictures on my ravelry).


The needles size were 4  (for the rib) and 4.5 cm (for the jersey itself). I used a short circular needle 4 cm to make the bubble and the collar. Some of you may think how on earth is she going to wear that crazy jersey??? Easyyyyyyy! with a pair of jeans, tshirt and boots and you know what is the best part of the story is….  nobody will have the same jersey!


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