Blue diamond beanie

Guess what? Did you guess? That’s right, I’ve made a hat. Another one!!!

blue diamond crochet beanie_20140615_124345

This ‘blue diamond beanie’ is based off the Stacked Large Diamond Beanie pattern by Aaron Mathew Asmussen. It’s the third hat that I’ve made from one of Aaron’s patterns, I just love these cable designs! This was probably the most complex pattern I’ve done so far, because of the number and variety of increases and decreases, but once you get the hang of this kind of cable work it’s all much of the same. I certainly wouldn’t recommend these patterns for beginners. However, if you’re after a bit of a challenge, give them a go!

This hat is a present for my friend Loz, who was also the recipient of Zilly the godzilla girl. Because I wasn’t making a big man hat Iike I’d made before, I figured that I didn’t have to increase my hook size to increase the gauge of the pattern. However, when I started working it quickly became evident that the Morris Woollahra yarn I was working with wasn’t what I’d call worsted-weight. Therefore, I decided to increase my hook size from the 5 mm called for in the pattern to 6 mm, and to make sure that I wasn’t crocheting with tight tension. This worked nicely, and I ended up with a hat that was around medium size, perfect for a women.

But then I washed it…

blue diamond crochet beanie_20140614_141647

And apparently Morris Woollahra grows! It still fitted my head okay, but it became too long. I think that this wasn’t just because the yarn grows when washed… The last few rounds have a much higher ratio of half-double crochets to front-post half-double crochets. Post stitches overlap each other, while normal stitches stack one on top of the other. Therefore, when all the stitches settled into place, the sections with large amounts of normal half-double crochet stitches ended up longer.

I realised that I could fix this without too much trouble.

blue diamond crochet beanie_20140614_144026

First I ripped back a few rows, three I believe. (Apparently I’m really good at weaving in ends, it was very difficult to work out which one belonged to the end of the work!)

blue diamond crochet beanie_20140614_145828

Then I crocheted two rows of alternating front-post half-double crochet and back-post half-double crochet. This resulted in the hat being shorter, and provided the elasticity needed to create a nice snug brim.

Washing also softened the Morris Woollahra nicely. Woollahra is a really unusual yarn, I’d be very interested to know how it’s made. It’s made from 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% cashmere, but it doesn’t feel like I’d expect for that composition. It almost feels brittle, it breaks very easily, so much so that you need to be careful when untangling or ripping back. It’s kind of like the yarn has been dried out, and when it’s washed it puffs up and softens considerably. A very interesting yarn, but it’s probably best to wash your swatch!

blue diamond crochet beanie_20140615_124808

Happy hat, ready to go to a new home :)

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